Saturday, 31 March 2007

Great Outdoor Expo

Today Ardi and I went to the Great Outdoor Expo in Moose Jaw to man the booth and represent the Retriever Club for a couple of hours. It was fun and it really made me realize how rich Saskatchewan is in resources.
Some of the displays included Archery , Boat Safety, Predator Calling, Falconry, Ducks Unlimited, Stone Sculptors, Knife Makers, Saskatchewan Environment, Saskatchewan Assoc. of Conservation Officers and the list goes on.Ardi did well despite being mistaken for a Weimaraner a few times everyone thought she was a beautiful dog.

Ardi spent most of her time watching the Falcons who were across the isle and down from us about 3 booths. When not doing that she was checking out the bow hunters booth next to us where someone had been eating french fries. All in all it was 2 hours well spent and I think Ardi was a good ambassador for the club and her breed.

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