Sunday, 29 April 2007

What's in a dog's name?

Roxy -Black Diamond Rox
Roxy is a rescue from the Humane Society. She was found hanging around the City bus garages after a late summer storm. The name Roxy just seemed to suit her. Later when we registered her with AMBOR in order to compete in ASCA obedience we picked the name Black Diamond Rox. Roxy was totally black and had a very shiny coat, she also has a black mark on her tongue that is shaped like a diamond.

Kate - Lady Kate
Kate was the favorite pup of the breeder's daughter, she named her Lady. We picked the name Kate, but kept Lady in her registered name as Kate really did think her self a Lady.

Ardis - Oakenpride’s Ardwinna
Ardis – Latin meaning eager; fervent.
Ardwinna- from Britain – other names Dea Arduinna
Ardwinna was a Woodland and animal Goddess who haunted the forests of Ardennes riding a wild boar. She commanded a fine for any animal killed on her land, yet asked for animal sacrifices on her feast day.
Rules over: Animals, familiars, woodlands.

Ribbon - Nordais Pride of the Ring (Ardis' Dam)
Ribbon is named after her breeder's first Chessie "Pride" (Westernoak's Yukon Pride). She didn't want to call her "Pride" again, so made her registered name "Nordais Pride of the Ring". Now when you go in the ring and win... what do you get? A "Ribbon"!!! and Ribbon has done a lot of winning for her!!!

Curry - Meadowoods Quiet Riot (Ardis' Sire)
Curry’s name 'Quiet Riot' comes from the rodeo. Quiet Riot was one of the top bucking bulls at that time. Curry's mother, Zippy, and sister, Spring, were named after the top bucking horses of 94 and 97, Zippy Delivery and Spring Fling.
The Meadowood name came about because they have a large meadow on one side of their property surrounded by oak and redwood trees.

Kitt -Del Brave Katepwa
Katepwa is a Cree word meaning "Who Calls?".
In Saskatchewan, 45 minutes from Regina is the Qu’appelle Valley where there are 4 lakes making up the Calling Lakes and Echo Valley Provincial Park. This area is rich in history and lore. Legend tells of a young Indian brave canoeing home from a hunting trip one evening when he thought he heard someone calling his name. "Kâ-têpwêt?", "who calls? he asked aloud. There was no reply. "Qu'appelle?" he tried again, this time in French. Then came a reply from the hills on the other side of the placid, moonlit lake: "Qu'appelle?" It was his echo.
I spent many summers, while growing up, at my uncles cabin at Katepwa lake, with lots of fond memories. We never noticed until someone told us that Katepwa echos Kate. Kate was our 10 year old Chesapeake we lost 3 months before we got Kitt.

Merry -Meadowoods Merron Del Brave (Kitt's Dam)
Merron means mermaid in gaelic and Merry is typical of chesapeakes in their love of water.
Del Brave is derived from the breeders first stud dog’s registered name, Meadowoods Home of the Brave. Del means "of the" in Spanish.

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Debbie said...

I enjoyed the stories about how the dog's were named. We could have used you tonight in Canine Fun 101 class when we asked the students that very question!