Saturday, 14 April 2007

She's too young to drive!!!

The snow is just about gone for the 2nd time and I am really anxious to get Kitt out and try the things we've been working on over the winter. I’m itching to work on some retrieving marks, get to the wide open spaces, string together a few agility obstacles and try out some new skills.

I really have to keep the reins on myself. I think this is where many young dogs and not so experienced trainers (like me) run into trouble. In retriever training they call it the transition period, it is where you go from yard work to field work.. The distractions to the dog are higher, skills learned singly are now being put together and it is hard not to have high expectations. Like anything else, my expectations should be based on the work and effort I have put in. I think Cheryl Bartlett talked about this at Puppy Agility Camp.

Okay, so I’ve got a bit of a plan for the retriever stuff, I'm still scratching my head about agility, I know I’m not going to hand the keys over to Kitt and let her drive. Any suggestions or advice for making these transitions would be very helpful and appreciated.

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