Thursday, 23 August 2007

Special House Guest

Introducing Remi.....a 6 month old Black Lab.

Remi came to stay with us temporarily on August 21/07 after we heard she had been surrendered to a Vet's Office in Moose Jaw.

Remi was accidentally run over by her family and required work on her pelvis and 1/3 of her tail had to be amputated. She needs some time to recoup before she can find a good permanent home. Since we lost our 15 month old pup Kitt a month ago, we find ourselves with some time and energy to give to a young pup.

Remi has been here for 3 days and our 2 dogs have pretty much accepted her. At first Roxy the 13 year old growled at her, probably because Remi awkwardly lumbers around when she walks. By the next morning Roxy was cleaning Remi's ears and slapping the floor in bows trying to get her off the dog bed to play. Ardi is too snobby to acknowledge she exists, but that is what she did when we brought our pup home, in short time the two were inseparable.

Update.....August 24, 2007
Some Good News. We will have some help finding a home for Remi. Lianne Daradics is the breeder of Charmlees Golden Retrievers and does a lot of Golden Rescue. Although Remi is not a golden, Lianne has graciously offered to help find her a new home...after all a retriever is a retriever.

Some not so Good news Later this afternoon we had to take Remi to the vet. The base of her tail has swollen to an enormous size. The vet will do emergency surgery tonight to relieve an abcess and remove some more of her tail. We will pick her up tomorrow at noon. Remi is one brave girl.

Some better news...the vet and clinic staff all saw a huge improvement in Remi's mobility, Remi was so happy to see all her friends at the clinic. You could tell she must have gotten some pretty special treatment at the Bellamy Harrison Clinic.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Buffalo Day's Exhibition

From August 1st to August 5 KAOS Dogsports provided 3 shows of entertainment each day at the Buffalo Days Exhibition.
Our group raced kids, did an Obedience Drill, raced relay style against each other, demonstrated flyball, 3 point barrel racing, musical chairs, disc and agility. It was a jam packed 5 days. The best crowd was on Friday at 3:00 and we again had some good crowds on Sunday. After each show the handlers and dogs made their way up thru the crowds to meet and greet the people.
We practise and train all year round, and although very tiring we all enjoy being able to show our stuff to the public.
Although everyone was exhausted by the end of the week, eveyone had a blast!!!

Pit Crew - the hardest working group you could ask for.