Friday, 28 September 2007

Full Moon - Autumn Moon - Harvest Moon

Reminds us that the days to play outdoors are numbered for 2007. So make the most of the time left.

Casey enjoying a fall day at the agility field.

Zena going over the top at the Crocus Trial

Dex and Deb at the Agility Field Sept 30/07

Ardi helping in the yard Sept 29/07

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Brandon Trial Invaded by the....Irish?????

Flanna, Fergus, Ronin, Grady, Nancy, Zena, Monica and Aire

This past weekend, the Crocus Kennel Club trial in Brandon was invaded by Irish Setters. It was a huge surprise to pull into the parking lot and see someone walking 3 setters, little did we know there was a 4th somewhere. I don't think Monica had her vehicle in park before her feet hit the gravel scrambling to meet them.
What a pleasure it was to meet Nancy, her husband and their 4 Irish setters. The setters were lovely to watch all weekend.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Remy's New Beginning

Remy's last pose with Ardi and Roxy before going to her new home

On Friday Remy went to her new home. Remy's new home is with a young woman who has a couple of cats, and an Australian Cattle Dog. Her tail has pretty much healed, but she has to take it easy for the pelvis and hip to heal, not too much playing with her house mates yet. Remy still needs help getting in and out of the vehicle, she can do a few stairs, but has to be careful. Her new owner built her a ramp so she will never have to jump in and out of the truck.
First reports from Remy's new owner say it is like Remy has always been there. One thing that made me happy is that Remy got to keep her name, that is all she came with so it is good she can keep it.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Agility Field Visitors

This morning I headed to the agility field to get in a some agility practise before Retriever training. Ardi's weave pole entrances were non-existent in the last trial and we could use some polishing up.
I was the only one at the field, so worked a few things, put Ardi away, worked a few more, put her away. The last time, I left Ardi on the table and went to get my camera. When I came back I shooed her off the table and got her to lay down beside it, and took a seat on it myself.

It was a beautiful cool morning, she laid relaxing, while I tried to figure out a setting on the camera. Every once in a while I looked up from the camera to see her eyes half open as she basked in the sun. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I could see her neck lengthen and her ears come forward, she remained motionless. I turned to look over my shoulder, and about 15 yards away were 6 young deer standing between the teeter and the dogwalk grazing in the middle of our field.

Slowly I reached and put my hand through Ardi's collar and with the other hand fumbled with the camera settings. One of the deer sneezed, and as silently as they arrived they sprung into action and were gone, but not before I snapped a couple of pictures.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Remi's Smile

Remi’s mobility continues to improve as does her spirit. She has spurts where she tries to play with Roxy and Ardi. She knows she is not too mobile or agile, but doesn't miss many opportunities to dazzle Roxy and Ardi with some of her puppy moves.

We found out that Remi won’t be 6 months old until Sept 16th, so she was not even 5 months old when she had her accident. Hopefully the fact that she is so young and has a lot of growing to do will be to her advantage in healing.

Right now there is an open wound about the size of a quarter on the underside of her tail. We have been applying warm compresses 3 times a day and flushing it with a Saline solution. When we aren’t home she wears a cone, she is very good about putting it on, but when she gets it off you can tell she is glad to be rid of it.

We have been teaching Remi to take turns for treats and petting with our 2 dogs. Being a pup she gets away with sticking her nose where it doesn’t always belong , but the day will come when her puppy licence expires with the other 2 dogs. Remi sits and downs despite her sore hip and back end. She has also learned a hand touch and to back off things when asked to leave them. We have been teaching her to spin and turn, luring her with a treat in a slow controlled motion, this really has her thinking about and using her back feet and controlling her back end. Remi is a quick study and is pretty sure she can do what the other dogs can. In due time Remi!!