Sunday, 14 October 2007

Week 14 - Suzanne Clothier's Jumping Chute

This is a picture of the set up for week 14 of Suzanne Clothier's Jumping chute. Deb and I have been working Rush a 2 year ol Sheltie and Ardi an almost 7 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. This picture was taken when the jumps were set for Ardi. The set up is a Vertical Jump-2 Strides- Tire Jump-2 Strides-Vertical Jump-1 Stride- Higher Vertical-2 Strides-Crossed Vertical Jump-1 Stride-Oxer Jump.

The interesting thing about this set up, is that it adds many challenges at one time. It introduces 2 new jumps, we chose the tire and the cross vertical. Also adds one jump at higher then normal height and although the intitial instructions say there are 5 jumps, the instructions for set up include 6 jumps. One more then any of the previous 13 weeks. We thought it may be a test to see if anyone sticks with it to the 14th week. We could have eliminated the 6th jump, but decided to do it as out lined. It did present some challenges to both Ardi and Rush. Rush's challenge was the tire, but he found no problems with the other jumps. Ardi's challenge came at the cross vertical after the higher jump. The instructions for the program suggests you stay at the same lesson until the dogs have mastered the chute rhythmically and smoothly. Here are the clips of both Ardi and Rush completing the chute. We repeated the lesson 3 times and these were taken on the last repeat.