Saturday, 22 March 2008

Life is a Highway

Fun Exercise & Great handling Monica!!!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Training Journals

Keeping training notes is something that I have always done. It started with going to seminars and carried over to training sessions with friends, working groups, yard work done alone and classes

At this time I have 2 journals on the go. One is a larger notebook divided into 3 sections, one for agility, another for retriever training and the third for general stuff like conditioning, obedience and even stuff I want to note from the classes I teach. This journal is neatly written after the training session, and well organized. My other journal is a wire bound pocket sized notebook, dog eared and tattered. It has diagrams of set ups and mini courses that I plan before each training session. It has travelled to agility fields, duck blinds,retriever grounds, training centers, and riding arenas. I can hardly wait to sit down with it and plan each session. I've tried using a computer based method of keeping notes, but it just doesn't have the same allure. I've lost wallets, credit cards, cell phones, but never my training journals.

Keeping a journal helps me document and evaluate each session. Mostly from the dogs perspective (success, attitude, problems)and myself as a handler and trainer. It helps me to evaluate my performance, ability to read my dog, patience and consistency. It is a great way to collect thoughts and make training sessions productive.