Monday, 4 August 2008

Dock Dog at Buffalo Days '08

This is a video of Ardi's practise jump before the 1st Wave. My technique needed a little work. My plan was to leave her on a sit at the 40' mark of the dock. Then walk about half way down the dock to throw the bumper. In her practice jumps she was jumping between 13 and 14 feet.

During the week we jumped in 3 waves, each dog in the wave gets 2 jumps and the best jump is the official jump. In the 5th and 8th wave I decided to throw her Doken instead of the bumper, but kept everything the same. At the end of the 8th wave, Julie from Dock Dogs told me that if I got more speed out of Ardi I would probably get some longer jumps.

With our biggest jump of the week being 15'3 we went into the Amateur playoffs seeded 3rd. In the playoff round, I thought about how to get more speed as Julie suggested and decided to change a few things. I didn't make Ardi heel to the dock, I let her pull all the way there. I had to change from my sandals to runners, as I would not be able to hold her on the wet floor or dock and stay upright. When I got to the top of the dock I took her leash off, held her by the collar walked her to the end of the dock, threw the Doken in and told her to "mark" let her look at it for a second then turned her back to the same spot I had sent from through out the week. Then in flyball release fashion I reved her up and let her go. In the playoff round Ardi jumped 16'8" then 17'2". This put her into 1st place going into the medal round.

In the medal round she jumped 19'10 inches and 19'11" to win the Amateur playoffs. It was very exciting as many people from our dog club were in the stands cheering us on and this played a big part in reving Ardi up.
Ardi's Jumps
Wave 1 - 12' 7" - 1st Place
Wave 5 - 15' 3" - 2nd Place
Wave 8 - 15' 2" - 3rd Place
Playoff- 17' 2" and 18' 3" - 1st Seed headed to the Medal Round
Medal - 19'11" - 1st Place In the Amateur Division