Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Baby it's cold outside!!!!!

The weather has been very cold (-29C feeling like -38 with the windchill) , preventing Reese from flying here. Not only that, Ardi is not getting out for much exercise. We took advantage of me being off of work and went indoors to do some jump work.
Below are the 2 combinations we set up. The first is just 3 jumps, set very close together, height was fairly low. We started with the wing jump and and did the right or left jump depending which side I was on. This got Ardi bounce striding and at the same time bending to complete the next jump. We did 3 each way then moved on to the second set up.

The second set up offers a lot of combinations to practise pinwheels, turns and crosses. We had a lot of fun with this and I had a chance to practice some of my verbal cues as well.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Reese Does Stairs - 6 weeks

Reese on the move at 6 weeks old.