Monday, 26 January 2009

Reese @ her 1st Agility Trial

Reese started Puppy K two weeks ago. So far the main focus for the pups has been socialization. That means introductions to people, dogs and new sights and sounds. We have a check list of new things to encounter for homework.
So Reese made the trek with Ardi and I to an agility trial to do some homework. There she met many people and dogs, climbed the bleachers, chased some sparrows and was thrilled when spectators cheered and clapped. She was certain it was all for her. Reese settled nicely in her crate while I walked the courses, worked my shifts and ran with Ardi. She was one tired pup by the time we got home.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Schedule of Reinforcement- Weaning from treats.

I'm reading a book right now written by Patricia B.McConnell called Family Friendly Dog Training -A six week program for you and your dog.
We are just working on week 2 with Reese and are already being encouraged to begin a random schedule of rewarding, which to my surprise is working really well.
I really like to keep the dog guessing where and when the reinforcement (treats, toys, praise or quick game of tug) will be coming from. But am really surprised to find that you can start randomizing the schedule of reinforcemtne this early with some things like the sit and recall in a 12 week old pup.

Dogs & People need sunshine & fresh air

Finally after some very bitter cold, we have weather nice enough to get out side with the new pup. Believe it or not, the temperature yesterday was -36 C with the windchill it was like -42C. Today it is -1...go figure, no go play outside.