Sunday, 20 December 2009

Caching with Ardi- Our 1st find

I had been waiting all week to get out and find my first Cache. It was December 4/09 and the temperature had dropped to -18 C. Ardi and I weren’t going to let the cold stop us, we bundled up and headed out.

Ardi in her borrowed Chillydog Great White North Coat

My plan was to walk to the Cache from home, but with the cold I opted to drive. The cache was located in an urban sub-division, about 2 km from my house. I didn’t have a handheld GPS, so headed out with the vehicle Tom-Tom as my guide.

We parked about 200 meters from the cache on the opposite side of the street. Had I read the map right, I would have known that I needed to cross the street to find it. I crossed the street a few times in both directions before I saw it. It probably took me 5 minutes and it would have been less if I actually was looking for it rather then looking at the GPS. I took the log book back to my vehicle to sign. Then drove around the block to end up on the right side of the street. We parked about 200 meters away, then Ardi and I put the log book back and proceeded to a near by park for a quick walk. Quick it was as we were both getting kind of cold.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


I first heard about Geocaching about 5 years ago. Someone sent me an article about it and at the time I thought it would be fun to try. I had forgotten about it, until a competitor at a Rally O trial (November 2009) told me her husband travelled with her to the trial and was enjoying a weekend of Geocaching while she trialed.

Geocacing is a game of hiding and seeking treasure. What you need is a GPS and probably a PC or Laptop with internet connection to get you to the Geocaching .com website. The website helps you locate caches hidden in your area or area’s you may be visiting. It provides co-ordinates of where the cache is hidden, as well as a place to record and share your finds. Once you get to the cache there may be some trinkets, but most often there is a logbook to sign. The rule of thumb when you find a cache is “If you take something, leave something” and sign the logbook.

This is something you can easily enjoy with your dog. Both dog and Cacher (that’s you) can enjoy fresh air, exercise and some great scenery. Check out the Geocaching website at

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Good-bye to an Old Friend

Roxy – 1995 to Dec 13, 2009
Black Diamond Rox, FDCH-S

On December 13, 2009, Bonnie and I said good-bye to Roxy, free to run and play with out worry or pain.
We thought she had been doing well this winter in an old dog kind of way, but the cold weather really dragged her down and we discovered a massive tumor under her left arm, surrounded by many smaller ones.

Roxy was the leader of our pack and taught the Chesapeakes many dog to dog manners. She also taught Bonnie and I many things and introduced us to the dog community.

We picked her up from the local shelter in September of 1995. The shelter guesstimated her to be a 6 month old Shepherd Lab X. She had been found running scared in the inner city after a huge storm. We named her Roxy, and later when we registered her with AMBOR (Ameican Mixed Breed Obedience Registry). We chose the name Black Diamond Rox as she had a black diamond on her tongue.

Roxy loved all people she met, but barely tolerated most dogs. Amazingly, she always managed to get along with the dogs we introduced to the household. Puppies were fine and she tolerated the one dog we fostered.

The greatest joy for Roxy was to accompany Bonnie on her trips to the farm and to visit her parents. She loved being the house dog and took her job of keeping order and peace in the household very seriously.

Good-bye old free.