Saturday, 26 June 2010

A little Bliss

Here is a video of Bliss on the last night of Canine Fun 201 class. She is playing with her handler Deb and is 1 year old. Rather cute, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Decoy Days 2010 & Picnic Trial

This year the Retriever Club held 2 great training events. On June 12th and 13th we held Decoy Days, with land marks being run on Saturday and water marks being run on Sunday.

The land marks consisted of 5 different marks run through different spreads of decoys. The organizers and volunteers were up early to set up the decoys. We had a Robo duck at the line and wind sock decoys, Texas rags, silhouette, goose shells, 3d goose decoys spread through out the field. We took the time to walk a few of the young dogs through the field before we sent them on marks. Most dogs were unfazed by the many decoys in the field and the majority blazed their ways through the decoys to the marks

Reese bring back the bird.