Friday, 20 August 2010

Training group at Duckweed Pond

Retriever testing season for the group I train with is done and training is winding down. We had a very laid back night, where we took some pictures and did a few marks. Here is a picture of our training group, posed with our coveted pink bumpers. The picture was taken at a spot I call Duck weed Pond. This spring the area was nothing but splash water. With all the rain this summer this area is now a pond. It is green because it is covered in duck weed.

Missing from this picture are Heather with Haylee and Reg and Abby. Patti & Reese, Jill and Sonny, Lianne and TeeJay, Gail and Jack
This night was a great opportuniity to bring Ardi along. We shortened up the marks and gave her the whole nine yards of calls and guns. Ardi was the happiest I have seen in a long time. She even brought her signature move out of retirement, where she pounced on the bird from about 6 feet away. We left her out while everyone got pictures taken and she went from vehicle to vehicle grabbing dokkens and bumpers presenting them to anyone who would throw for her. She always liked to shake dokkens after picking them up, but after whacking herself a few times , she learned how to shake them gently, she pulled this move out as well . Ardi made us all laugh and hammed it up for more attention. Thanks Yo for the pictures.

Jack Reese
When it was all done we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Things don't always go as planned or Humble Pie?

The retriever training season, sadly is winding down. The Working Certificate test held by the Regina Retriever Club this past weekend was to be the finale to our Retriever training season

To be honest Reese had been doing everything needed to pass the WC in training. We have even pushed her a bit and she has done a few doubles in preparation for the next step, which is WCI. It seemed like the morning of the test Reese had other plans. She ran out to her 1st mark brilliantly, picked it up with out flaw. But the delivery to hand was where things broke down.
Reese has had a tendency to come up with many creative ways to delay getting the bird to hand. But test day was the most creative and somewhat disappointing of all. Despite the judge giving me every opportunity to have her bring the bird across the line, it was not going to happen. We didn’t even get to do the second mark, until the end where the Judge allowed us to come back and try it. Something told me not to try it, but I didn’t listen to my own reason. The performance was pretty much the same, but stung a little more then the 1st. Lesson learned.
Stay tuned, although I won’t have the opportunity to test again this year, training will continue. At least until the snow flies.

Monday, 2 August 2010

CBRCC National / Regional Specialty and Alberta Kennel Club Shows

We made the trip to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Canada’s National and Regional Specialty. The shows were held at Spruce Meadows, the renowned Equestrian facility in Calgary, AB. The facility was amazing and the grounds and scenery were wonderful.

The entry was small in comparison to other breed specialties. But what it lacked in numbers was made up for by organizers effort to make it a 1st class and memorable event. Every competitor received a stainless steel water bucket full of many prizes. There were framed prints and beautiful carved duck trophy for Best of Breed and a lovely bronze depicting a Chesapeake bringing back the bird. Competitors came from Ontario, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Idaho. It was great to meet other Chesapeake breed enthusiasts. This was the 1st time I have seen more then 3 Chesapeakes in 1 place at a time.

National Specialty Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Winner Trophy's

Reese was entered in the National and Regional Specialty as well as the 2 Alberta Kennel Club shows. She was also entered in 2 Rally O trials. Bonnie handled Reese beautifully in the conformation ring and then rushed to the Rally O ring. When ribbons were handed out for the Novice B Class. Chesapeakes were 1st and 2nd in the class. Karen Dougglas with her boy George scored a 99 to take 1st place followed by Bonnie and Reese with a score of 93.

On day 2 of the AKC all breed show Reese took Best of Winners, for what we think was 2 points. Because she stayed and played in the conformation ring, she missed her call in the Novice B Ring.
We had a wonderful time and hope to put this event on our calendar again next year.