Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ardi and Reese's Geo Coin

Today is exactly 1 year since Ardi and I headed out on an adventure armed with the GPS receiver from the car. On December 4th last year I found my 1st geocache and today while out with my sister Judy and Ardi , I found cache number 390.

Ardi tries to budge Star55 into action

Geocaching is like a scavenger or treasure hunt using a GPS. Once you find the cache you can trade items or pick up collectibles or travelling game pieces.

The cache seeking provides the chance to get outdoors with friends and often Ardi or Reese come along. The hunt takes us to many places we may never have gone and the game gives us cause to document and log our trips.

Collecting and trading trackable game pieces is a whole other dimension of geocaching. Recently a fellow dog fancier and geocacher gave me a collectible called a Geo coin. It is a special coin called a Geo Dog coin.

Ardi & Reese's Geo Dog Coin

My plan is to take with me anytime I have Ardi or Reese with me and log every cache it visits with them. I will also take it to caching events and dog events so other cachers can discover it. Everytime I log a visit, the information is stored on the coins own web site ( and I will be able to track the mileage and places visited. Today Ardi travelled with me to 4 caches and we logged 26 kms. It will be interesting to see the log a year from now.