Sunday, 23 January 2011

Reese's 1st Agility Trial-

On January 22, 2011, Reese was entered in her 1st Agility Trial. It was held in Moose Jaw by the Band City Kennel and Obedience Club.

We entered 2 Gambler Rounds and 2 Standard rounds. Reese had some really good stuff happening despite the allure of the horse nuggets. She held all her start lines, did 6 and 12 weaves and completed one of the main gambles. She also maintained her criteria of a 2 on 2 off on all contacts, except 1. That one was a biggy and despite it having great crowd appeal, it was not so entertaining to me. In fairness though, I don't think they were laughing at the flyoff, but more at her retaliation to the teeter.

The video shows the flyoff in her 1st Standard run and then after the table it goes on to her 2nd Standard run and it shows she remembers the proper way to do the teeter. Even though Reese was over taken by the arena smells and the zoomies in a few places, I was very happy with a lot of stuff she did and it gave me a good indication of where we are with our training.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Booted and Suited Up

This morning we woke up to -34C with the windchill it feels like -46. Windchill you ask, how do you figure out the windchill,? Well Wikipedia has a very scientific explanation of how to calculate the wind chill index. In unscientific terms, it is very cold, too cold for man or beast.

As luck would have it, Canada Post delivered a parcel from Eromit Labrador Retrievers and Pet Supplies this afternoon. Inside were 2 pair of fleece dog boots, one for Ardi and one for Reese. Thanks to Erin, Ardi and Reese are able to spend enough time outside to take care of business without freezing up. No need to chase the squirrels, not even they are brave enough for this weather, but the yard did recieve the customary patrol for varmints. This weekend the weather promises to be warmer, so there is a good chance they will get a chance to try their boots while I snowshoe.

Reese and Ardi booted and suited up.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pet Expo Practise - 3 Point Barrel


This video is of Reese, Ardi and Bliss practising 3 point barrel. They are preparing for the end of January when our club will be performing a number of public demonstrations at Pet Expo. Pet Expo raises funds for the Regina Humane Society and features a number of booths, demonstrations and mini workshops geared to the pet owner.

This demonstration is fashioned after the rodeo event of barrel racing. The object is for the handler to direct the dog around a clover-leaf pattern of preset barrels in the fastest time. In some of our demos we race dog against dog, with the fastest dog winning. While other times we pair kids and dogs, each takes a turn to run the course and their times are combined. The fastet combined time wins.


The barrels are set fairly close together in this video, mostly because of the building size, but they are also placed closer together while the dogs are learning the pattern. Reese and Bliss are fairly young and new to this type of demonstration, while Ardis is an older dog out to get a little exercise. The handlers of the young dogs are concentrating on tightening up the dogs turns to get a better time. Both young dogs are doing well in their training. We will see if they have perfected their performances enough to be included in the demonstrations at the end of the month.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

My favourite photo of 2010

St. John Ambulance Therapy Team
Ardis and Bonnie

In 2010, Bonnie and Ardis completed 100 hours of community service as a Therapy team. Together they visit William Booth Salvation Army Home and take part in various St John's program visits.

Ardis and Bonnie have been part of the St John Ambulance program since 2007 when they were successfully certified as a Therapy team. Certification consists of being evaluated by a qualified evaluator. The dog is evaluated on thier obedience and temperament and the team is put through a number of scenarios they may encounter during visitations.

I am very proud of the work that Bonnie and Ardis do in the community and know that they find it very rewarding.

"Creator of all things,
Grant us the humility that the works
We behold with our eyes
Through our Therapy dogs
We may accept in our hearts
As a revelation of your love
For all humanity. "