Sunday, 23 January 2011

Reese's 1st Agility Trial-

On January 22, 2011, Reese was entered in her 1st Agility Trial. It was held in Moose Jaw by the Band City Kennel and Obedience Club.

We entered 2 Gambler Rounds and 2 Standard rounds. Reese had some really good stuff happening despite the allure of the horse nuggets. She held all her start lines, did 6 and 12 weaves and completed one of the main gambles. She also maintained her criteria of a 2 on 2 off on all contacts, except 1. That one was a biggy and despite it having great crowd appeal, it was not so entertaining to me. In fairness though, I don't think they were laughing at the flyoff, but more at her retaliation to the teeter.

The video shows the flyoff in her 1st Standard run and then after the table it goes on to her 2nd Standard run and it shows she remembers the proper way to do the teeter. Even though Reese was over taken by the arena smells and the zoomies in a few places, I was very happy with a lot of stuff she did and it gave me a good indication of where we are with our training.


Jillean Cairns said...

Reese always seems to have a need to play the crowd, no matter the venue! I think she was AWESOME!
I agree with you Reese - teeters are not to be trusted and need to be told off as often as possible. Basic rule of life - when in doubt. . . . leap!

Kathy said...

Ahhh! As the gal who brought Reese into this world I can say that she does indeed have a zest for life!

Good job Reese! Ya look good out there!