Friday, 15 July 2011

Peake Sisters

                           Ardis @ 10 1/2 and Reese 2 1/2

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ardi's day in the Sun!

Today was one of those days for me to take a step back from training and give youngster Reese a day off.  Not only was it Ardi's day in the sun, but it was her day in the sand and water to.

Ardi came along to our training group gathering and  enjoyed following us to set up land marks.  A few bumpers got tossed for her and she hammed it up for treats.  The real excitement for her was getting to the water marks and for the 1st time in a very long time she did get to bring back 2 birds. At 10 years old, Ardi is still thrilled to get out and bring back the birds.   She later had a few long marks thrown with the launcher, which she enjoyed a nice leisurely swim out to and back.  She is one happy and tired girl.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Reese's 1st Jumper Q

We are just back from the Stand and Fly Agility Camp held in Prince Albert. What a wonderful camp we had.  We learned so much, but have so much to learn, I will be back next year for sure.

After camp there was a 1 day AAC trial and I entered Reese in 2 Jumper runs and 2 Steeplechase runs. The Steeplechase runs were fast and fun, but a little over our heads. I caused a few off courses with my handling.  But the good news was that Reese completed 3 sets of 12 weaves and held all her A-Frame contacts in the Steeplechase runs and did manage a clean run in her last Jumper round of the day.  Her time was 23.65 seconds, I can definately see where we can tighten up some turns.  Clean or not, it was really a lot of fun. Let's Play again soon.