Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Eighty-Dollar Champion

I finished reading  "The 80 Dollar Champion"  by Elizabeth Letts. It was suggested as part of the homework given a the end of an agility  workshop given by Kim Anderson.  She felt anyone who trains any sort of animal should read it. It speaks to the relationship between man and his horse, but applies to the relationship we build with our dogs.

The book is a true story that follows the journey and partnership of Harry de Leyer and his horse Snowman.  From buying Snowman from a wagon bound for the slaughter house for $80 dollars to Champion.

I  ♥ ♥ ♥ 'ed this book . A few of my favourite passages from it were.

“Our horse is already a champion, he said, and no one can ever take that away from him. And best yet , he ‘s in the trailer and he’s on his way home.”
“Snowman and Harry showed the world how extraordinary the most ordinary among us can be. Never give up even when the obstacles seem sky-high. There is something extraordinary in all of us”

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Good-bye Brown Bomber

Curious says "Good-bye and Thank-you!"

It had been  almost 4 months since I first picked Curious up in Rosthern, and last Saturday her new owner took her home. 

After a walk down a country road near Lianne's property, we gathered the old beat up football Curi came with, her CKC registration papers and some food and handed them over to Tennille.   Lianne stuffed a new rubber football with treats for the trip home.  Tennille opened the back door to her car where the seats were carefully covered with sturdy blankets .  As this door opened and Curi hopped in a new chapter in her life began.  
This new chapter will include life indoors, a dog bed (something she has not had in a very long time) and  plenty of walks and outdoor activities. This summer Tennille plans to get her out swimming, something every Chessie has on their bucket list.   Most of all she will have her own person.

While Curious was here she underwent a huge transformation.  I believe this transformation has just begun and will continue in her new life.

Good bye Brown Bomber!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Settling a Score

This morning  a score was settled. About 3 months ago I walked into the vet’s office with a muzzled 7 year old rescued Chesapeake named Curious. She had been with me less then 24 hours and was there for a check up and shots before going to be fostered. I doubted she needed to wear the muzzle, but knew that no one should risk being bit and that Curious did not need the stigma of having bit someone.

On that day, the vet opened the examining room door and said “a Chessie wearing a muzzle…why am I not surprised?" I could feel my back stiffen as I bit my tongue. I instantly remembered why I had stopped going to this vet, but also remember this was the only place that could take us today.

Curi Jan 13, 2012

Today Curious and I walked into the same vet office. Curious was a much brighter and lighter Chesapeake, who is bound for her new home tomorrow. We came with a box of donuts and cookies for the staff and under the guise of coming to be weighed,  Curious strutted her stuff. She walked in head held high and tail constantly wagging,  on a loose leash, accepting pets and sitting on the scale when asked to. She sat politely while everyone ogled over her. The vet was in surgery, so we thanked everyone for their care and asked if they could please pass Curi's ’ news of a new home,  on to the vet. The whole front office said good luck to Curious and assured me that they would tell the doctor how brilliant she looked and acted.

Now off to  the groomers for a nail trim and brushing before the next chapter in the story of Curious begins.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012

New Year  
New chapter in the book of Curious

The 1st day of ‎2012 started  in a very good way for Curious . Today Curi met her new forever owner. The two are a brilliant match. Curi’s new owner has “ plenty of chessie experience" and believes you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Many thanks to Lianne D. for housing Curi at Charmlee Dogworks boarding kennel and playing a huge role in her care, training and socialization over the last 3 ½ months.

I am going to miss this brown bomber, but know she is going to a great home .  I hope to add updates to Curi's story soon.