Saturday, 21 January 2012

Good-bye Brown Bomber

Curious says "Good-bye and Thank-you!"

It had been  almost 4 months since I first picked Curious up in Rosthern, and last Saturday her new owner took her home. 

After a walk down a country road near Lianne's property, we gathered the old beat up football Curi came with, her CKC registration papers and some food and handed them over to Tennille.   Lianne stuffed a new rubber football with treats for the trip home.  Tennille opened the back door to her car where the seats were carefully covered with sturdy blankets .  As this door opened and Curi hopped in a new chapter in her life began.  
This new chapter will include life indoors, a dog bed (something she has not had in a very long time) and  plenty of walks and outdoor activities. This summer Tennille plans to get her out swimming, something every Chessie has on their bucket list.   Most of all she will have her own person.

While Curious was here she underwent a huge transformation.  I believe this transformation has just begun and will continue in her new life.

Good bye Brown Bomber!

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