Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Putting the dog before the cart.

Reese and I attended part 1 of a 3 part series on Carting facilitated by Sue Ailsby. After Reese’s biking efforts last year, she is no stranger to wearing a harness and loves to pull.

The 1st seminar was a bit mind boggling, with explanations about different types of harnesses and carts We also got to see a demonstration of what a beginner Draft Dog Test would be like. The host club had a number of carts and harnesses on hand and the 1st thing we did was harness our own dogs . Once they were comfortably walking around in the harness we introduced them to the cart , then to a moving cart.

After spending much time last year getting Reese comfortable around the bike and teaching her not to bark or bite at the tires, I was prepared to take it slow and work through anything that cropped up. I am happy to say that she was not disturbed by the carts at all. We worked in pairs and my partner moved the cart while Reese stood close, touched her with the shafts and eventually moved it along side her while I treated and encouraged her. I also coaxed her to walk in between the shafts and back out. Next we attached 2 leashes to the harness and my partner walked behind Reese putting some drag on the leash and giving Reese the feel of pulling.

This week I ordered Reese a harness of her own from

The next part of our Carting Workshop is in 4 weeks, and our assignments are to get our dogs pulling. So I made what is called a sacrificial tree.  I used a 2 X 4 cut to about 3 feet and screwed 2 eye bolts about an inch from each end and a third eye bolt on the other side of the 2 X 4 in the middle. We will get out and try it with the bike harness until our harness gets here.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ribbons are nice but.....we play for the toys!!

Ribbons and titles are nice, but  both Ardi and Reese really play for the prizes.   Stuffed toys to be exact.  Funny thing is that whatever you give Ardi, she likes and makes it her own forever.  But no matter what you give Reese, she wants what Ardi has.

Rally O Fun

Excellent Team Titles
& High in Class
Dayna and Gio
Patti and Ardi
judged by Patty Rollheiser
Ardi and Gio teamed up at the March 10 and 11th, 2012 CARO trials to get legs 2 and 3 to complete their Excellent title. The were team mates for all 3 legs and were High in Class for all 3 legs.  Gio is almost 10 and Ardi is 11.  A very cool pair of old dogs.
Advanced Team High in Class
and Advanced Team Title for Rush

Patti & Reese
Rush and Debbie
judged by Patty Rollheiser

Reese and Rush have been training partners for some time in agility and in Rally O, so it is pretty cool that they got to try a few team runs together.  This High in Class run completed Rush's Advanced Team title.  Perhaps they can team up once they are ready for Excellent team.