Sunday, 29 April 2012

Road and trail ready

Reese's cart painted and ready for the road

We have been out and about a few times with the cart since the workshop. We did a quick run at the aglity field and a good hour long cruise at Wascana Park. We have not really done to much load hauling as we are working on more control on turns, pace changes and stopping. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Figure 8's, Turns and Dog racing

Tonight was a repeat performance of carting fun.  Reese and I met up with Jill, Yo and Sonny for some carting  and a little geocaching.  We carted across hill and dale, found 2 caches and enjoyed a wonderful spring evening.  Wind and bug free! 

Here are a few videos of the action.

Sonny and Reese side by side and an in turn...ha ha sounds like curling.

That went well, so next we tried a figure 8. The pile ons are set at 8'. In a test they can be set between 6' and 8'. 

Once the carts and harnesses were put away,  Sonny and Reese got down to a good old dog game of chase. What fun?

Zero to 60 - Chesapeake tested and approved

My cart was ready and picked up earlier this week. I have been itching all week to harness Reese up and hit the road. Unfortunately with crazy winds all week the weather didn’t co-operate. Last night was a different story. I dismantled the cart and loaded for transport.

I met Jill, Yo and their Golden Retriever Sonny at Mt. Pleasant. Mt. Pleasant is the site of Regina’s old landfill which has been turned into a sports area, with tobogganing hills, ball diamonds, soccer and football fields. Best of a all a huge graveled parking lot that was for the most part dry and empty.

See how nicely the cart fits in the Saturn.

First up was putting the cart back together. Its design allows the wheels and shafts to come off for easy transport. Taking it apart was easy enough and I was prepared for a bit more challenge of putting it back together. It took all of 5 minutes and had I paid attention to which shaft went where, it probably would only have taken half the time. I am ever so grateful to Rick for building it for me, its light, easily transported. 

Once the carts were ready to go it was time to get Sonny and Reese out and harnessed and hitched to their carts.

We started with a straight away off the gravel parking lot and on to the grass. Next a wide turn back towards the parking lot and an unhitching and rehitching so Reese could go to the bathroom. In my excitement to get going I forgot to ex her first. Then we headed through some trees and back on to the parking lot. We tried a few tighter turns and a modified (meaning wide) figure eight. That went well so we thought we would try a hill.

Mt. Pleasant has a 2 tiered hill, great for tobogganing. It’s covered with natural prairie grass, many gopher holes and some debris that is surfacing from the mound of trash the hill is built on. My vision was to make it to the 1st plateau which has a long easy grade of a climb. But with Sonny in lead Reese went from Zero (not budging without a treat under her nose) to 60, pretty much full speed ahead unless she ran the shafts into my leg or ran over my foot when I turned into her to slow her down. In no time flat we were at the top of the hill where Sonny and Reese stopped to survey the path they travelled.

Sonny and Reese smiling at the top of Mt Pleasant

While at the top of the hill Yo had a bead on a cache located metres away. To help look for the cache we unhooked the carts to prevent Sonny and Reese from laying down or sitting while hitched. After a few minutes Yo and Jill had the cache in hand and we hitched the dogs up to make the trek back.

Once back to the vehicles we tried a few more turns and added a little bit of weight to Reese’s cart before unhitching the dogs and giving them a drink. Now Reese’s cart has been Chesapeake tested and approved.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Well, Reese's harness came and I got the chance to hook her up to a friends cart. Here she is hitched.  Yea I know she does not look impressed, it is sort of like " first you say don't pull, now you say pull, make up your mind"

Pulling in the building with matting on the floor was a good introduction for Reese.  The cushioned floor made the cart fairly noise free, so she just had to contend with the restriction of the shafts and something following her. 

Now that we have her harness our next step is to get out pulling the sacrifical tree to get used to more drag and noise. Also I have my own cart in the works, so looks like more carting fun in the works.

Here is a picture of Nicky, my friends Irish setter pulling the sacrificial tree. He did great and his tail never stopped wagging.