Thursday, 14 March 2013

Recallers 4.0

Recaller 4.0

Recallers 4.0 is an online course with Susan Garett at “Say Yes” dog training.  Over the last couple of years I have been reading her blog and have ordered and worked through her One Jump and Crate Game DVD’s.  Recently she offered several free webinars leading into the Recaller 4.0non line course.  What I saw in the dogs that have taken the course in the last 3 sessions, I really wanted for Nugget and Reese.  I saw dogs being recalled amidst distractions, people building working relationships with their dogs and most importantly dogs and people having fun.  Even 12year old Ardi is still up for some fun and training has always been fun for her.  I also saw that new behaviours could translate to a better life for our household of 3 Chesapeakes and 2 people.  So as they say “Let the games begin”

Susan’s blog can be found at

 Nugget on her way to a Brilliant Recall!

Day 1 Reinforcement Zone-

The day 1 Game of the Recallers 4 online course is Reinforcement Zone. Reinforcement Zone is the area around you that your dog looks for and finds reinforcement in.  Ideally for most dogsports it is at your side. Part of the days game was to do a test to see where the dogs natural reinforcement zone is.

 I was surprised to find out that 10 month Nugget had a very good clear reinforcement zone which was right by my side in what obedience people would call the heel zone, her sits were fairly straight and she was close, but not on top of me.  But not too surprised to find that she could not maintain the position for too long nor was it easy to find it if you moved, mostly she just got distracted and thought the game was over.

Reese found her reinforcement zone quickly and could maintain it for a length of time with focus.  Her zone was slightly ahead of me, in what most would know as forging, her sits were pretty straight, but they did tend to curve toward me, with focus on my hand.

Just for fun, and because Ardi is game to try anything, I checked to see where Ardi liked to hang out naturally.  It was pretty much with both feet on top of mine in front of me.  If you asked her to move or heel she complained, but she had the best focus of all.