Friday, 6 February 2015

I'm her keeper

At night, setting a book down, closing a lap top or turning off the TV, signals the end of the day at our house. The dogs know how it goes and begin their own bed time routine. A drink of water, finding a kong to take upstairs and last call for outside. Now that Ardi is 14, she sleeps very soundly and doesn’t always see or hear the cues. I’ve noticed lately that Nugget has added one more job to her routine. At the 1st sign that it’s bed time Nugget starts looking for Ardi in her usual sleeping spots and wakes her up. Once she has her up she wags and wiggles until Ardi follows her upstairs or to the door. It is really heartwarming to watch.
Last night the snow was swirling and blowing when the dogs went out for last call. When I opened the door to let them in, Reese and Nugget came bounding up the deck. As usual they were both trying to be the 1st one in the door. Just before Nugget hit the top step, she stopped spun around and ran back around the garage. She stood in the wind and snow , not budging until Ardi came around the corner. She then wagged her tail, waited for Ardi to pass her, stood on the deck until Ardi was up the stairs, shook the snow off herself and then bounded up the stairs. This is something new, usually the 2 younger dogs race in jostling to be the 1st in and Ardi comes tootling up the stairs without fear of being knocked down.