Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ardi's Rose

 Today we planted this rose for Ardi along with some of her ashes. It is kind of our memorial corner.The corner also has the  St Francis bird bath that was my Dad's  and Kitt's rose bush .  
The rose is a Morden Fireglow bush rose.
St. Francis watches over Ardi and Kitt's roses and all the birds who come to drink and bath.

Monday, 23 May 2016

SK MB NUN AAC Regional Qualifier

On Sunday after running a fast, fun and clean Jumpers round, Reese and I qualified to represent our Region at the 2016 AAC National Championship in Montreal, PQ.  Yes indeed it was a squeaker as we earned 353 pts while needing 350 to qualify. Although I won't be making the trek to Montreal , I am very proud to have Qualified along side those who will be representing Team Saskatchewan.

Here is Reese's final Jumper round; video,  map and scribe sheet.  As someone pointed out....she talked me all the way through it. :)