Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring has sprung!!!

This weekend I was tied up with our clubs Rally O trial and secretary duties. It was a fun weekend seeing the people I train with competing. It could have been a rather boring weekend for Reese, so I decided to take her with me both days, and work on her socializing. After all it is spring, and new sights and sounds are popping up all over. Reese got to meet a lot of people and dogs at the training center. But our best training opportunities took place outside the training center between runs and at lunchtime.

First of all we enlisted people entering the building to help us work on a polite greeting. No small feat, a few friends entered the building wind blown sporting muddy paw prints. Eventually Reese was getting the idea that no one was going to pay any attention to her until all four feet were on the ground.

We walked next door to where there is a fenced compound. It is the time of year where melting snow is freeing debris that has been trapped since fall. Large pieces of sheet Styrofoam insulation were plastered to the fence. As the wind gusted and then subsided, it hurled the foam against the fence, creating a booming noise. At first this was a little unnerving for Reese, but she quickly recovered and went about her business exploring. The other things Reese found very intriguing were the plastic bags and strips of plastic that had attached themselves to the compound fence and were flapping in the wind. We investigated many of them, but within 5 they were old hat and we were back to working a little obedience, simple stuff like sits, stays and controlled walking (to say we were heeling would be a huge stretch).

This was a perfect training, socializing opportunity for Reese….as we both anxiously wait for better weather to get out into the fields

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