Saturday, 1 January 2011

My favourite photo of 2010

St. John Ambulance Therapy Team
Ardis and Bonnie

In 2010, Bonnie and Ardis completed 100 hours of community service as a Therapy team. Together they visit William Booth Salvation Army Home and take part in various St John's program visits.

Ardis and Bonnie have been part of the St John Ambulance program since 2007 when they were successfully certified as a Therapy team. Certification consists of being evaluated by a qualified evaluator. The dog is evaluated on thier obedience and temperament and the team is put through a number of scenarios they may encounter during visitations.

I am very proud of the work that Bonnie and Ardis do in the community and know that they find it very rewarding.

"Creator of all things,
Grant us the humility that the works
We behold with our eyes
Through our Therapy dogs
We may accept in our hearts
As a revelation of your love
For all humanity. "

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