Sunday, 9 September 2012

Draft Dog Test

The first day of the draft test went well.  Our equipment check went smoothly everything looked good to the judges so it was on to the obedience portion of the test.  The obedience portion is an off leash heeling pattern followed by a 1 minute stand stay.  Everything went well, though I have to admit I was a bit worried with the stand when the wind made the ring tape flap in the ring, but alas Reese stayed standing  in place for the full minute. 

Next up was the 3 minute down.  While in the down Reese shifted positions and went from laying on 1 hip to a Sphinx position at this point I was pretty sure she had sat up enough to NQ , but was holding on to a slim hope the judges would see it differently.  If Reese had not already NQ'ed , she started creeping towards me and by the time the 3 minutes were up she was about 5ft ahead of all the other dogs.

There were 13 dogs entered in the Draft Dog Test, and once all had finished the long down we each returned for the cart maneuvers.  The dog had to be harnessed and hitched in the ring while the judges watched to make sure the dog remained cooperative and in place.  Once Reese was harnessed  and hitched the main judge went over her to make sure her harness was on properly and not twisted.  At the beginning of this exercise, when the judge asked the steward to bring my cart in, Reese completely turned around.  One of the judges failed this and in speaking to him later he said that the stand stay was a main component to draft work, so he saw that as a major offence. 

 On day 2  we qualified under 2 judges and earned 2 of the legs for her Draft Dog title. Disappointed? Not on your life she did everything I asked and in 2 of the judges minds she completed everything a Draft dog needed The third judge failed her 3 minute down for fidgeting, curling a paw under and shifting from sphinx to side and back.


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