Sunday, 28 August 2016

Backpacking Meet up

Five of us enjoyed the Saturday morning back pack meet up.  We hiked a trail between  trees , up the Mt Pleasant hill on the west side, back down the hill,  across the top of the parking lot and then wove our way  through the trees to the finish.  The trail was 810metres long, some of the dogs were carrying a sixth of their weight which is what is required for the DDX test, some carried less and others just wore empty packs.  A couple of dogs came along for the hike without a pack.  We went in 2 separate groups  so those with 2 dogs could take  each separately.    

Reese went in the 1st group  and  Nugg and Toscane went in the second group.  Nugg was trying out her new low profile backpack and Toscane did not have a pack yet so walked along with Bonnie. 

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