Thursday, 3 May 2007

Unleashed Wrath

Every morning we walk our dogs at about 5:45. Because there are 3 dogs and only two of us, Bonnie usually takes the pup and I take the 2 older dogs. We head in different directions, mostly because trying to enjoy a walk with Kitt is easier without the distractions of the other 2.

The walk consists of a 15-minute brisk walk on leash, no sniffing or peeing until we get to the park where we walk the perimeter of trees. This morning I walked the dogs to the park as usual, as we circled the trees I saw an adult golden retriever coming around the trees, I took a quick look and the only person I could see was about 30 yards away, power walking. I stamped my foot and said "shoo"… the dog stopped in its tracks. Roxy our 12yr old ShepX exploded in barking, hackles up, Ardis joined in with her deep bark. I asked them both to sit, they did I took a tight grip of the leash. Now the owner was calling “ Kaaatie…Kaaatie come…….here” The dog didn’t budge, now Roxy was screaming. The screams seemed to push the speed walker off the sidewalk and in our direction. When she got in ear shot she started apologizing profusely, “I’m really sorry…I’m so….sorry”. I stood while she gathered her dog up and as she grabbed the dogs collar she jerked it’s collar and shouted 2 times “BAD DOG”. The dog cowered and in a puzzled, inquiring voice I said “You know I really don’t think it is the dogs fault” Well she came unglued, you would have though I slapped her in the face. She yelled, “I don’t need the wrath of you, coming down on me this morning” snapped the dogs leash on, pulled the dog and as she left she said “I was having a nice morning until I met you.” I stood there dumbfounded loosened my grip on the leashes and said “Come on girls let’s go home”

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